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Concrete Moisture Testing Made Easy

Previously published in Commercial Flooring Report magazine.

Are you ready to make testing for moisture in concrete floor slabs as quick and easy as possible? Are you tired of creating handwritten notes for all your moisture readings? Have you ever made mistakes while transcribing your moisture data by hand, or even lost your data altogether?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to start using the DataMaster L6 app. It provides convenient, error-free, digital storage of your data directly on your smart device.

Best of all, the easy-to-use app integrates seamlessly with the Rapid RH L6 system by Wagner Meters for fast, accurate relative humidity (RH) testing of concrete moisture.

Why Use the Rapid RH L6 System?

The Rapid RH L6 System uses the RH test method, which is scientifically proven as the most reliable method for assessing when the concrete slab is dry enough for the installation of the finished floor. After all, who wants to risk a costly, moisture-related flooring disaster?

Rapid RH L6

The award-winning Rapid RH L6 system uses the scientifically proven and reliable RH test method.

Plus, the Rapid RH L6 is a complete system that’s got you covered at every step: drilling your test holes, taking moisture readings, and keeping your moisture data securely stored.

The system includes highly advanced and accurate RH sensors (called L6 Smart Sensors) that capture time-stamped moisture readings. These sensors can be paired with the system’s all-new L6 DataGrabber accessory devices that you can quickly and easily program for automated readings at set intervals.

Finally, the system includes a reader device (called the Total Reader) that displays the current reading. This reader can be used to transfer your RH moisture test data wirelessly to the DataMaster L6 app.

What is the DataMaster App?

It’s a free, multi-purpose app for reading, recording, and reporting the RH test data you collect using Rapid RH L6 sensors. The DataMaster L6 app takes advantage of an unbroken stream of data to give you the highest level of data integrity.

Rapid RH L6 with DataMaster App

The DataMaster L6 app provides error-free, wireless transfer of your concrete moisture data to your mobile device.

All readings get stored in the app and can be downloaded to PDF reports. You’re assured of reporting concrete moisture data that are 100% consistent with your original readings—no more transcription errors, no more lost papers, no more smudges or coffee stains, and no more trouble trying to decipher what was written by hand.

The DataMaster app is robust, with plenty of features to make concrete RH testing as easy as possible.

Here are just some of the things this app can do for you:

  • Capture, assemble, and email all data necessary to adhere to the ASTM F2170 standard.
  • Link all recorded data to your job site’s sensor locations with a mapping function.
  • Add photos, audio memos, and text notes to your job info.
  • View data in user-friendly graphs and change settings to view different time frames.
  • Print reports directly from your smart device.
  • Connect wirelessly, via Bluetooth, with any DataGrabber device to download RH data and easily program your device for automated readings.

You can even use the DataMaster L6 app to update the firmware of the L6 Total Reader. This is a feature many people using the Rapid RH L6 system don’t know about, and it’s yet another valuable reason to be using the app.

The DataMaster App is a Key Part of the Rapid RH L6 System

If you’re already using Rapid RH L6 sensors, then we highly recommend that you download the app. It’s free, and it’s available in versions for both iOS and Android devices.

You’ll save time and money and avoid unnecessary headaches. Your RH data will be effortlessly at your fingertips, and if there’s ever a need to update your sensor firmware, the app will have you covered.

By using every element in the award-winning Rapid RH L6 system, including the DataMaster L6 app, you’ll make your concrete moisture testing easier and faster than ever.

Click here to learn more and to download the DataMaster L6 app for free.

Article by Jason Spangler

Jason Spangler, Wagner Meters’ Sales Manager, has more than 25 years’ experience in sales and sales management across a broad spectrum of industries. He has successfully launched a variety of products to the market, including the original Rapid RH® concrete moisture test. Jason, who received an MBA from West Texas A&M University in November 2018, has extensive industry involvement, including the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and the International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI). He is also Vice Chairman of Associations for the Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA). Call Wagner Meters today at (855) 350-7719 and ask for Jason or visit www.wagnermeters.com.